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Get Ready for Cupid's $140,000+ Cash Drops at Roobet

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The thrill is reaching its peak as Cupid's $140,000+ Cash Drops sweeps across Roobet, turning your gaming experience into an action-packed adventure. Running from February 5 to 18, this progressive jackpot raffle is poised to be the highlight of your February gaming escapades.


Join the Progressive Jackpot Extravaganza

Are you in the mood for a jackpot? Well, take a look at this promotion at Roobet, because here the prizes will be huge! With every three bets you make, they will add another $0.01 to the prize pool. It's a daily crescendo leading to the grand finale on February 19 when the raffle will take place. The jackpot is a culmination of the pool's growth and the big reveal will surely be unforgettable.


There will be a total of 100 prizes, with a $10,000 top reward, awaiting those who dare to join in on the thrill. This is your chance to turn every bet into a step closer to Cupid's Riches.


  • Play from February 5 to 18
  • Increase the Jackpot with your bets
  • Earn 1 ticket with every $250 wagered site-wide
  • Get 10x tickets for every $250 wagered on Mission Uncrossable
  • Place among 100 Lucky Winners


An Unmatched Gaming Experience

Roobet continues to be a trendsetter in delivering unparalleled gaming experiences. This promotion adds to their legacy, offering not just a chance at fortune but a fun journey into the heart of progressive jackpot gaming.


Don't miss out on Cupid's $140,000+ Cash Drops! Join the hunt for progressive jackpots this February, as every bet brings you closer to extraordinary winnings.


More Than Just a Jackpot

Discover the boundless amount of promotions and opportunities with Roobet. They are recognized for their captivating offers on sporting events, thrilling tournaments, and exciting casino experiences. Whether you’re into sports betting, casino games, or beyond, they craft enticing campaigns that will elevate your gaming experiences into fun adventures.


Visit Roobet today!

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