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Time for a brand new competition! This time it's going to be Point Hunt!💯 Competitions days are 12.9-19.9.

During this week, we are going to have multiple different competitions in our streams where you can earn points. We have split 5 different raffles/guessing games for the upcoming 7 days.

13.9 - Bonus hunt on casino bud at 8pm. Closest guess what the end balance is going to be wins.

14.9 - Viewer bonus buy tournament at 8pm. Suggest a game for the tournament, 1 winner after tournament is played.

15.9 - Streamer Bonus Hunt Battle at 2pm. Pick your team, Team Kirmo or Team Päni. Everyone who picked the correct team wins. 

17.9 - Pick a game day! During our stream everyone gets to pick 1 game. We will do 1 bonus buy on each game and best win of the day is going to be the winner.

18.9 - Viewer spin battle at 8pm. Tournament style game but with spins instead of bonus buys. You get to choose one game and compete in a tournament against other viewers picks.

How to earn points!

Participating in each days competition earns you 1 point. If you win that days competition you will earn additional 2 points.

Once the competition ends the person with most points is going to win 50€ pay safe card. Second and third most points collected are going to win 25€ pay safe cards.

Each day we will give additional information on that days competition in the stream so stay tuned!

Good luck!




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