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🔥Point Hunt🔥


Clear your calendar for this week because point hunt it back! This time we have bigger prices, more competitions and more points to be won. Let's go trough the rules quickly. During our stream we have various different mini games. Using this thread you can participate to these mini games by commenting different things according to the games theme.




  • 1. 50€ pay safe card + mr-gambe merch set
  • 2. 25€ pay safe card + mr-gamle t-shirt
  • 3. 25€ pay safe card
  • 4. 10€ pay safe card 
  • 5. 10€ pay safe card


♦️Mini Games♦️


·      Streamer bonus battle (25.9 after group session) 

·      Bonus hunt result guess (26.9)

·      Pick a game day (spins)(27.9)

·      Pick a game day (bonus buy) (28.9)

·      Bonus buy tournament. (1.10)

·      Provider battle on casinobud (2.10)

·     Streamer hunt battle (3.10)

How to earn points?


Every time you participate you will receive 1 point and winning that days mini game you will get 3 points. Make sure you don't miss a day to earn maximum amount of points. Somedays there will be more than 1 winner. 





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Day 1

·      Streamer bonus battle (25.9 after group session)

Team Kirmo or Team päni? Choose which team is going to win before we start streamer bonus battle. Both streamers will pick 4 games to buy bonuses from and compete in a tournament based format. Everyone who has picked the winner team gets 3 points! Losers team will get 1 point. 



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