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What slot game theme is missing from the world?

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there are sooo many special themed, one-off slots that come from TV, movies, music, even memes (Lucky Memes Slot, anyone!? lol) - LOTR, GoT, Dark Knight, Jurassic Park, Motorhead, Jimi Hendrix, Guns N Roses etc

what slot game theme would you like to play that doesn't exist yet? 😎

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On 5/5/2024 at 5:12 PM, Mr-Gamble Kirmo said:

Breaking Bad is my favourite series of all time so that would be my pick! The only problem is that usually, slots with already existing themes are quite bad 😁 or at least I cant think of one which is good. 

that's a great point, quite a few have been made lazily - just take some generic slots and apply lots of themed graphics and some extras .... that's not how you do it!! 😵

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