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On 10/19/2023 at 8:45 PM, Mr-Gamble Kirmo said:


It is finally here, Point Hunt 3.0! This time everything is bigger and better. We have divided point hunt to 7 different games that will happend during the stream on each specific day and 2 extra games where you can earn points during the whole competition.

Remember that Point Hunt is FREE to enter and we have a prize pool of 1000€



  1. 1st - 300€
  2. 2nd - 200€
  3. 3rd - 150€ 
  4. 4th - 100€ 
  5. 5th - 75€
  6. 6th - 75€
  7. 7th - 50€ 
  8. 8th - 25€
  9. 9th - 25€

How Point Hunt works

Everytime you participate you get 1 point. Winning that days point hunt gives you 3 points, so make sure you are ready to compete daily. Each day we will give you more indepth rules how the competition is going to work. You can only participate trough FORUM!







🔥2 competitions that you can join troughtout the whole event🔥

  • Lempi casino deposit- https://mr-gamble.com/fi/nettikasinot/lempi-kasino/ - Create an account to Lempi casino trough our link. Post a picture of your deposit to LEMPI CASINO thread. If account has not been created with our link you will not get the points. WE WILL CHECK IT5 POINTS 💯


  • Post a big win picture (min.50x) of any halloween themed game to HALLOWEEN PICTURE thread. Win has to be gotten during the event 22-31.10. Make sure date is visible in the photo. 3 POINTS


  1. 22.10 - At 18:00 - Day 1 - Bonus hunt end result guess (closest guess wins)
  2. 23.10 At 19:00 - Day 2 - Streamer battle (Pick the correct team, everyone who picked the correct team wins)
  3. 24.10 At 19:00 Day 3 - Bonus Buy Tournament (Pick 1 game to compete)
  4. 25.10 At 20:00 Day 4 - Provider Poll (Pick the best paying priver out of 5 options)
  5. 26.10 (whole stream) Day 5 - Pick a game, bonus buy (Pick 1 game to compete)
  6. 28.10 At 15:00 Day 6 - Provider battle (Pick your provider, everyone who picked the better provider wins)
  7. 29.10 (whole stream) Day 7 - Pick a game, 100 spins (Pick a game to compete)
  8. 31.10 At 18:00 Day 8 - Bonus hunt end result guess (closest guess wins)






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8 hours ago, Mr-Gamble Kirmo said:

👾DAY 1👾 

Leave a guess on what is going to be the end balance after our bonus hunt on Casinobud. We will start collecting bonuses at 18:00 and you have time to leave your guess until we start opening bonuses. Winner will get 3 points and everyone who made a guess will receive 1 point. GOOD LUCK! 




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🆚Day 2🆚

Day 2 competition is a streamer battle at 19:00! Both streamers will have the same starting balance to start collecting bonuses. You need to pick which team are you. Team Päni or Team Kirmo? The team that profits more from the hunt wins, so pick your team well! 

You can vote until we start opening bonuses! GOOD LUCK!

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