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It's one of the worst casinos I've ever played at... I played and won €500 in cash. Well I made a withdrawal... 3pv later I got a message that dockets are required for all withdrawals over 200€. Well I put in the requested ID , invoice and bank statement.

3 days later I got a message that they were valid, nothing more. Well the money was withdrawn again and 3 days later they were rejected again and a message had popped up in my email saying could you put a selfie of me holding a driving licence close to my face. I did the job as instructed and threw away the picture... after all, these had been asked for at other checkouts...

Well 4pv later (weekend in between) a message popped up in my email with an approved documentary again... Well I once again put the withdrawal in the frame... well the next day it was rejected again and now I have to put a selfie where I hold an A4 paper in my hand on which I have written my full name, date of birth and the name of the casino...

I read elsewhere that they still ask for confirmation of the phone number and then they might already accept the withdrawal...

Just over 2 weeks now fighting over a few hundred dollars... And I can say it if I get something out of it was a mistake the first time I play at that cashier... Why can't they just tell you directly what they want to identify the player so you don't have to wait weeks to get the money... I wonder if they are deliberately prolonging it to get their winnings back....

I wouldn't recommend a cashier to anyone... The only star comes from the games , the layout and the clarity of the casino.

Reviewed by pekka_kaukalossa

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Normal/good welcome bonus

I think the casino has good customer service.

The casino has the basic games and is also very reliable.

A basic good casino for casual games, I tried the welcome bonus.

Reviewed by finlandboy12

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