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Race Casino User Reviews

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Today my most played casino. A bit maybe unclear site but you will learn. Find a good first deposit bonus up to 100€.

Good points

-Quick withdrawals

-Deposit quick and easy (no need to open an account)

-fast service in my opinion(aspa in English, I think)

-All in all a nice casino to play at

Bad Points

-Games sometimes throw away (maybe a pointless complaint but a little annoying sometimes), I also like to admonish that a good reason to change the game

-There have been no more free spins in the distribution.

So, to sum up, the last one is a good cashier, but the little things bother me, so I have to tax my points a bit, but it doesn't change the world. I highly recommend.

Reviewed by JonskuWZ

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Race casino has been one of the most difficult casinos for me to play. Games do not load properly or throw in the middle of the yard, problems with login and deposits have taken a long time or they have not even shown up in the casino balance but after a couple of days returned to the account. I don't know about withdrawals. I prefer to leave this casino to those who like to play there and for whom the site works better.

Reviewed by mysticatti

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