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advice needed - best free sc casino in your opinion

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I am looking for free sc casino . would like to start free & then move on to sc coins casino with real money 💰

pls when advising . keep in mind ...

- is it sc casino that pays real money ? I dont want free sc promo usage 4ever

- is it legal in most states ? I travel around

- value of sc coins in those best casinos

thx for anyone answering 🙏🦎🍀

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To my knowledge online casino with sweeps coins is legal almost in every state, if I remember correctly there was only 5-6 states that didn't allow it 🤔 (Dont quote me on that tho hehe). I played on chumba casino and the conversion rate from SC to 💲 was 1=1. You do need to check because there might be some differences in the values. Hope this helped a bit 🙂

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EXTREMELY HARD to say which one is the top free sc casino

I can only share from my limited experience

- wow vegas got me free 50 sc

- sweepslots got me over 30 sc, but I had to deposit 20 bucks, so it depends

for me, best sweepstakes casinos is the same thing as free sc casino top example. like who are u kidding, most ppl dont care about gc, it's all about those sc rewards at the end 😛

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