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is it normal for casino to ask ID?

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honestly, i'm getting fed up with this entire thing here... why is online casino asking for my id again??

are there any LEGAL and LICENSED online casinos that dont require ID? i dont care about any scammy ones 😅😅

so my story is simple. I signed up at this online casino, and straight up, they ask for id check. aight, I gave them all the information they wanted, and it was all good

played classics like thunderkick ii, immortal romance, you know it lol. burnt through like $140. then took on megamoolah, won over $700, triggered this sweet win. then I had a chance to withdraw casino balance of $438 (won a bit, lost a bit, this was bottom line at the end basically, profit of 438 bux)

then I wanna withdraw, shit gets pending forever, and now casino ask for id second time. now imagine, I'd have to do gambling documents check EVERY TIME I win something and wanna payout balance. this is why I'm thinking about no id verification casino for withdrawals. HOWEVER, I dont want to get myself into scam sites. so yeah, that's that.

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6 hours ago, BingoBlast876 said:

hate to break it to you, but KYC is 100% part of every licensed casino. they ask ID because it's a law 😉

nahhhh its not like if u win 200 eur, u get it always. not all casinos my friend

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man I tell you something, no kyc casino sites really not worth it. I mean, yea, it sucks to wait for that casino kyc pending forever. okay, I get it. I totally get it, I do. but here's the thing - you don't wanna risk it.

I have used tiktok and facebook casino promo codes and got burnt badly. like, I didn't have to finalize any casino ID checks. but what happened was that obviously I didn't have to show any documents bc.... they finna not pay me anyways 🤣 now I'm only checking lists on this site with legit ones. then I know if I win, I cash out. if I'm maybe not so lucky, I'll just gon wait for that next "train" to da slot riches

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