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Favorite snacks and drinks while gambling

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10 minutes ago, Mr-Gamble Kirmo said:

Usually I try to just keep the snacks on the healthy side but I love sour candies so that's my number 1 pick when it comes to sweets. For a drink especially if it's weekend a good old rum & coke hits different ain't gonna lie 😹

Ahh, yes I´ve seen your weekend streams! 🤣 

Casual weekdays/online I'd say coke zero, water & coffee...I try to stay as far far away from the snacks since If I take just one...I'll eat the whole bad in no-time!! 

Weekends/ when I hit the casino with the boys I usually like to have whisky sour, whisky, wine, beer and as a snack cashew nuts..really depends on the night and overall mood/company 😁

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3 hours ago, Mr-Gamble Kirmo said:

Have you ever tried the famous tap water, tapio and splash of lime juice combo? Some say it's the best drink there is :DDD

Where I live in we don't mix water with liquor but I will try it next time I drink.

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On 1/17/2024 at 4:31 PM, SyCho said:

If I ever gamble there has to be Friends, Pizza and Tapio in the equation!




LOOOOLL!!! I used to do this combination 15 years ago just when I turned 18 and loved to play online poker 😄 !

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